Thursday, August 14, 2014

NRT LAX // July

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after my 1st NRT LAX w/ ethan n'beautiful people i changed to YW's NRT LAX. i don't understand why didn't i like japan before. there's good food everywhere n' LA is one of the better place to drive in.  

pork katsu


breakfast @ Denny's
avocado egg cheese in a toast x

Six Flags
i regretted the moment we got off the car. it's so hot in LA during summer you won't think SG is that bad afterall. spent majority of our time queuing for rides n're-applying sunblock but it was worth it. time flies w/ good company.


clear day in NRT

standing sushi bar w/ huimin julie yenwen alicia
da'best sushi i've had so far. love the one who told me about this place. it's so close to our hotel. shutter bus x a short walk.

Asakusa Shrine, Narita

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beauty gadgets: Tria Beauty // hair removal laser 4x

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Just came back to Singapore after being away for 8 days. Went to Frankfurt and New York, initially my friend and I wanted to sightsee but the weather was a cheat. it rained when we wanted to head out then the Sun was shining bright after we decided against it.

The first day I landed in NY I saw this drill looking machine that promised almost permanent hair removal after 3 months which can be done at home. after reading a couple of reviews online i decided to get it. Consider it's USD$449 before tax (plus a 10% discount if you're not a VIB member of Sephora yet) and a 6 session IPL for Brazilian cost $1800 at Strip tho' this machine is not meant for brazilian area except bikini line, I thought it was pretty good deal.

Plus I can share it with my mum and sis.
Only 5 likes :( 
this shows how unpopular my IG is LOL! 

treatment window
treatment window or the shining circle is where the laser is delivered to disable hair follicles. if you've done IPL before, you'll realize the the hair do not fall out instantly rather in a few days. i started to see bald patches after 1 week. guess if you do it twice a week result will be more prominent.

Lock screen display 
before you use it you'll be prompt to test your skin's suitability using a skin sensor located at the base of the machine (see photo below). according to product's instruction this device does not work safe on medium brown to black skin and only works for brown x black hair color.

skin sensor

level selection
i tried level 1 on my bikini line and thought i was going to die! after a few zapping it it felt bearable. it takes some getting used to n'the higher the level the better. die all you excess unnecessary hair!

Pulse counter

it's a rough gage for you to know how many zap you need (in comparison to the one in quick guide) but I don't think there'll be a need coz everybody's surface area is different. 

VIB card
I don't think Sephora's membership is international but they have my records from as far back as 2010 but I haven't been to state's Sephora till last year. their VIB is entitled to immediate one offs: 10% discount, free shipping in US and free makeover.

after using it on myself n'my mum, we thought this machine works really well.
mum commented on slower upper lip hair growth while me on the other hand, sees bald patches.
the only one is my sis, still complaining about the pain. LOL!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Reebonz: their follow up for wrong item delivered

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1st June 2014, Sunday.

email to Reebonz Concierge n'help
"Dear Reebonz Concierge, 
        I’ve recently ordered: 
      1 x Lambskin Quilted Double Flap Bag       SGD 6,200.00       SKU: 3517408-RV67253590 no-size 
       However, for some reason I was delivered Michael Kors SM crossbody in summer blue. I am unpleasantly surprised and disappointed. Hence, I hope you can send someone to collect the wrong item ASAP and refund the full sum to my credit card. I wish to receive neither the original bag I’ve purchased nor refund in the form of store credits otherwise I’ll lodge a complaint with CASE. Thank you very much. 
       Collection address: 
Regards,Claire Lim"

2nd June 2014


I didn't wanna wait for them to reply my email coz I have to report for a 7 days flight on 5th June 2014 morning so I decided to call them on 65118476. When a lady picked up my call I was semi amazed n'said "hello" twice. Over the weekends I called when nobody was working n'heard automated message. hearing a real person on the line never felt this good. 

The lady, Claire, told me she'll call the customer who could've received my bag. 


email from Reebonz #1


my reply to Reebonz email #1


gave reebonz a call to check if they've found the lost bag but Clarissa is attending a meeting n'will get back to me when she's available.


another lady picked up the phone and told me Clarissa stepped out of the office and will ask her to call me when she's back after putting me on hold.


my sis called for follow up. this time a gentleman picked up the phone n'said he wasn't in charge of the case n'Clarissa is not in the office anymore. Upon my sis's request he promised a call tomorrow morning and a full refund.


Edelyn realized the owner of Reebonz is her friend n'send him an email.

3rd June 2014, Tuesday


Reebonz Email #2


Only realized I gave them a wrong contact number when I returned the call. perhaps that's why I didn't receive any calls from them. Later on I was assured a cheque refund n'an update for DBS bank.


email from Reebonz Management


a lady named Jacqueline dropped by to collect the MK bag n'told me this gal who wrongfully received 3 items was reluctant to return it. 


my reply to Reebonz Management
Although I appreciate Valiant's email n'offer, I believe this email was written mainly becoz the owner of Reebonz is edelyn's friend. she's super supportive in getting the 25% but I don't think I deserve a discount from their mistake. 

6th June 2014

received refund back to credit card.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reebonz: Wrong Item delivered x #7 types of reviews to read before buying

Reebonz refunded the full amount.

The other day I ordered a Chanel double flap back from Reebonz coz the design and colour wasn't available in stores anymore and selected Sunday delivery from 2pm to 6pm. 

So it was delivered one day earlier which I thought was a pleasant surprise although they didn't consider/ call to check if there'll be anybody at home but that aside. 

Unveil the surprise

when I picked up the box I thought it was too light for a 2.55 and upon purchase I was promised a Chanel box. I shook it n'thought something was wrong. 

Michael Kors SM Crossbody in Summer Blue
WTFFFF!! -_________-"
I got a surprise. Really surprised. An unpleasant one that is.
Can you imagine paying $6200 for a Chanel and came a bag that don't even coz 5% of what I've paid for? becoz it's a saturday there's nobody available to pick up my call be it it's hotline (which I thought supposed to be 24 hours) and at their office. So after I've sent a return request x email I went to their Facebook n'literally went "what the fuck".

Comments by unsatisfied customers

#1 product sent to people with security tag still intact. 
if you look at the photo of the MK bag above, you'll realize it also has one. 

and they actually expect people to go down to their store to get it cut. what good service this is. 

#2.1 Slow refund and reply

this is very straight forward if you look at the date Kymmy Kit Lim mentioned. december'13 till 3 March'14 and finally refunded on 7 April'14 in Credits?! I'm not sure if I'm even getting a reply from them. Maybe I can lodge a case with Ministry of Consumer Affairs first. 

yet another complain about slow refund n'reply
asking for case no when nobody even replied 
thought this was hilarious. reply is so slow nobody is even replying to Sze Ern Lim's request n'they asked for case number.


#3 extreme price difference between 2 places of sales

I think Jevon Poh Yang Jie prolly didn't get a reply at all. let alone a refund. 

#4 poor communications between drivers and customer service officers or they just don't care

2 emails. 2 phone calls. and you want us to "believer" your CS team is getting in touch ? according to other complains on your FB walls, I think there's no communications at all.

#5 slow delievery 

they probably have a template for the various types of complaints from consumers by now. 

#6.2 wrong item delivered 

mine is #6.1 please. I still can't believe I am sent an item that's not even 5% of the value!

#7 selling items they don't even have?? 

this is damn epic fail.
you mean you can sell something you don't even have? *insert come I clap for you meme*

if people are having trouble getting a refund what do you think about reimbursement? 

While browsing thru their Facebook I was really worried as more and more complains surfaced. I've never came across any Facebook page with this amount of unsatisfied customers. I agree most who are happy will keep quiet about their purchase and make a big hoo haa if something goes wrong. however, I am definitely not like that. considered I've taken a photo of their beautiful wrapped box I was all ready to rave about them even tho' the weight of the box is puzzling. when I see the MK bag I thought it was a dream. 

After all the advertizing and minimal positive reviews I've seen, I wish I've seen it earlier. Buying from Theclosetraider is still the best choice. 

Right now I hope they reply me ASAP with regards to my wrong order so I can get a full refund to my credit card instead of store credits and empty promises.