Monday, April 07, 2014

<< About newspaper >>

Longest time since I sat down for an entire news telecast. After reading "The Secret" I realized news are often negative.

Someone who reads newspaper every evening and whenever she talks about something she knows, it'll be murders, kidnap etc going on. it's good to be in the knowing but there's too much negativity being reported. I mean there gonna be more happy things going on that that.

On top of this, I learnt, some reporters do not have integrity. They exaggerated their findings in other to make their news "sell". it's very unprofessional of them since many depends on them to learn about what's going on.

The other day a lady told us, news in her country reported that singapore is having drought becoz we haven't experienced rain for the past 6 months.. we all know it wasn't the case. guess it was 38 days the last time I saw newspaper headlines.

This shows how important integrity is in this world. perhaps one day we'll learn many affairs are blown up trivial matters for attention. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Paris w/ love xo

1st trip to paris. 
sunny weather // Eiffel Tower and Le Louvre.

i start to find SM very time consuming and sleep stealing. like how last night i could've gone back to sleep quickly but i decided to browse thru' something then there. bad idea. 
so i deactivated Twitter. hopefully FB soon but I'm hooked on Tetris. thank goodness they limit the amount of games you can play with energy. so, soon i hope.

anyway, am very free now n'thought why not update this post with more photos. 

didn't hear too many positive reviews about France before I went there. most people commented French being racist but during the trip, i thought they were fine. 

i had no idea what was written on the menu except foie gras n'the common word you see in French menu. for the most embarrassing part i mistook english in french for wifi passcode. O'the shame i felt.

the waitress was really kind n'brought their menu from the doorsteps to us then slowly explaining each n'every dish. to stop the trouble i just ordered whatever sounds familiar.

hot cocoa

had the best cappuccino at some random cafe where our lemon sugar crepe turned into a Nutella one anyhow it was a great snack.

came across 2 pickpockets who disguised themselves as volunteers for charity organization. 

le louvre

to more happy trips, 
love xo

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

fruitful day in Shanghai

i can forego massage anytime when there's good company. so many times to shanghai but i've never been to their famous xiao long bao place - nan xiang man tou dian - it's located near YuYuan jie - 9 stops away from my hotel's stop. to my surprise they have very good MRT n'only cost us 4rmb which equates to S$0.80. imagine a trip from pasir ris to City hall? 

the whole time i was worried about not having enough sleep tho' at the end of the day i had aplenty n'came back in da'morning still having some left. 

The Bund 
 which i didn't go coz i needed to sleeeeeppppzzzz...
would love to go to shanghai one day for a holiday n'beijing too. to see what i could've see if the stay is longer.

a beautiful sight

crab roe tang bao x custard bun

xiao long bao
 we ordered lots of it i can't remember how many we ate. prolly 5/6 perhaps more. in any case, it was really yummy n'worth the travel. this restaurant has been featured in many travel documentary always showing it's long queue.

had their VIP table with a min. spending requirement of 150rmb per head. the 5 of us ended up spending 1022rmb. really worth it considered the amount of food we ordered.

cabbage soup with 3 layer pork

abalone puff *thumbs up*

ping tang hu lu // sugar coated hawthorn 

sarah johnathan PJ claire
went back happy n'called for massage but nobody wasa free to drop by.
& had a great long 4 hours nap beforfe i was up for another meal then back to motherland ;) 

Monday, March 17, 2014

that 3 things when you in a plane.

before i started doing what i do i never knew why were i asked to do so but when i started working i thought it was common sense then i think again, i didn't know why at first . 

whenever a ticket is booked i could only think about making sure that: 
- I've packed my whole house into my luggage be it carry on/ check in 
- if I exceed 30kg for check in I assume nobody will check my carry on's weigh is 7kg/-
- shop in duty free 
- i am at the correct gate 
- follow the Q to my seat (please be a window seat I wanna see the take-off and landing then make everybody stand up 15 times for me to make trips to toilet) 
- there's my choice of meal n'request for a drink i've never drank while on ground but being on board makes it so special i must have it but decided it's not what i like and waste it then ask for something else to make people busier.

after successfully doing or waiting to do all those please pay attention to why you need to do the following: 

1. max. weight for carry on baggage x overhead bin endurance n'space 

as technology improves, the size of an aircraft becomes bigger. 
but please, know that the max weight for baggage is still 7kg n'anything more can be offloaded with airline ignoring your complains. 

also, there's a max weight endurance a overhead bin can endure so it won't open up on impact.

if you insist in sneaking big/ heavy baggage n'find a space for it, good luck for sitting underneath. assuming there's a hard/ emergency landing nobody will have time to help you after being injured by your heavy bag which you insisted in bringing up instead of checking in despite high baggage allowance for checked-in bag. instead, they'll step over you n'head for the emergency exit.

place your bag underneath your seat (bottom left in picture)
have your bag placed underneath the seat doesn't mean extending your sling strap, loop it over the tray table and placing it on the floor. it means what it means. don't worry about your bag sliding away when the aircraft land coz like your seat, there's an aluminium frame under the seat. it's not okay if your bag is protruding out n'obstructing the other passengers. NO! don't place it under the window. it'll slide.

found this in google image

2. there's many things you must bring up.. 

just for the take off n'LANDING!

Window shades: you need to know where you're at in case of emergency
cup holder, tray table n'footrest: an obstruction during evacuation
wear your shoes: i don't know where will your shoes be n'I doubt you'll know where after an emergency landing. you might be forced to evacuate bare foot n'run on broken glass/ plastic n'hot ground.
remove your earpiece: might be entangled n'trip people. it may or may not but being safe saves your life.
switch off your phone: flight mode is only safe for cruising. not take off n'landing. if you wanna be stubborn, please don't let the flight crew sees it.

3. fasten seatbelt sign// this irritating sign 

I wish we don't have to but this means there's patches of clouds shown on pilot's radar so you must fasten your seatbelt n'not have any hot drinks.
bad turbulence/ air pocket can kill when you fly off your seat n'hit the ceiling then fall back not into your seat but an arm rest at your tail bone.

so fastening seatbelt aren't that bad after all. 

photo credit: google image

Saturday, March 15, 2014

when in Roma, drink cappuccino

for it's architecture, romance and history i do not know of; rome has been in my mental wishlist. just that afternoon before roster was released i told a friend, it'll be like striking 4D to be given Rome n'there. i "won". what good luck! 

with gipsies at tourist attractions and pickpockets lugging around more time was spent looking after my belongings than sightseeing.

most of the time sightseeing is done with no knowledge about their history. this trip was no exception. here's a photo of what looks like a giant sundial to me. 

smelly horsess

crowded enough, i was told it's considered very little people. during summer the steps will be filled with people and tourist with minimal space for photos.
Spanish steps

Trevi Fountain

according to wikipedia coins are supposed to be thrown with right hand over the left shoulder. i threw it with my right hand but over my head. hope my wish will come true..



self reminder: Italy has the best cappuccino that doesn't keep me awake after 3 cups. drink more.