Friday, October 24, 2014

Gloomy London

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After Santorini my plan for this London was to visit British Museum which many say should be renamed as World's Museum to view the missing pillar at Acropolis but decided to bring Jenny out for sightseeing since it was her first time there. Many flights to London but I haven't been to any of those places I went that day coz I always thought it's very far n'inconvenient. 

Thank goodness for Citymaps2go. 
It's an app that offers offline map which you can download when you have access to internet n'use while you're out. It'll show your location, save destinations and which direction you're facing if it's on iOS. 

We walked a fair bit from the subway station before reaching London Bridge. Felt retarded when I saw it coz all this while I mistook it for Tower Bridge, it's plainness and lackluster appearance left me quiet..

but it's a great place to take photo of the whole Tower Bridge. 

WWI warship

Tower of London

ceramic Red Poppies // Each poppy represents a British military fatality during the war.

London eye

Big Ben
Looking at this photo I miss Note 4 so much. If not for it lagging on me, having it's own emoticon that doesn't match Whatsapp, photo disappearing from Whatsapp chat when I delete them from my phone's folder and app developer neglecting android, it's the best phone I ever had. I could read for a long time w/o straining my eyes and it's battery life was impressive! Not to mention it's fast charging tech.

preparing to ask for directions
becoz I don't really know how to read a map n'citymaps2go doesn't have arrows to show me if I'm walking towards my destination I ended up walking back n'forth. good thing was I got to use my brain a little.

That was me asking for directions to St' James park.

Burger and Lobster // first, let's take a #selfie

Lobster roll 

beef burger
I think the beef burger was nothing special, I'll take a cheese burger from McDonald's anytime.

enjoying free wifi over a GBP$0.99 filtered coffee

Friday, October 10, 2014

OCBC 360 Account

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After working for 2 years I decided it's time to save up. Frankly speaking I have an embarrassing amount of savings. 

Tracked my expenditure for a year, majority of my expenditure was on clothes, transport and food. Apart from that I'll treat myself to something I like almost every month e.g. phone, camera, bag, jewellery etc 

Recently, I learnt, hawker and home cooked food taste tons better than some restaurants'. A plate of char siew rice cost $2.50 plus a drink the max you pay is $5 but $5 was the GST for a meal then you factor in transport: $35 round trip. A day out, more than $100 was spent. 
On top of that I have a habit of buying something before I head home - clothes or whatever. Anything.

When I thought I put too much focus on recording my expenses, I stopped. Obviously I didn't spend any lesser. If you'll spend lesser you'd done that long ago. I can't not take a cab coz my legs are not too far from breaking after I end work. Many think my job is very easy but hey, for as long as you sit, we stand. that's not the point here. So I decided to eat cheaper since expensive food doesn't necessarily taste better. 

For the last 1 year I was using FRANK account. it does a breakdown on how I spend my money to the best of it's ability but ATM withdrawals are listed as "Miscellaneous". Tho' I can break it into other categories I sometimes find it a hassle to login ibanking just to do it so saver app is better but it's a lot of manual recording.  

I've just started saving or at least I planned to. I was told about OCBC 360 Account

If you fulfill all and have $10k in your account. You'll receive $305 a year. 

read up a bit on the cards OCBC offers and decided on the 3:
365 card gives rebate on dining, petrol, groceries and online shopping etc which in my opinion is the best card for me but I got a Frank card coz it offers more rebate for online shopping.

the last one w/ Great Eastern is for paying my insurance w/ IPP.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mario's x HKG bistro

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no matter how many times I've been to Frankfurt I can never remember how to walk there, somehow i always get lost at cross road.. this time we took tram no.16 outside our hotel to the village which's pretty close to Mario's. 

what to do in Frankfurt other than sightseeing: 
Mario's - Tram no.16
HKG bistro - Bockenheimer Warte / Tram no.16
movenpick from supermarket - Bockenheimer Warte / Tram no.16
shopping in town - Alte Oper


broccoli w/ mushroom
spinach w/ mushroom
ordered a baby squid calamari which was gone before i remember to take a photo.

did my nails at far east plaza and really didn't like it. there's lotsa salon over there but every time I'm there tho' at different salon, I either get cut or burned by nail file. had acrylic done a couple of times but this time I told myself to stick to my usual.

was working the other day and found a missing nail, acrylic came of clean. I didn't even know where it go to -__-"

rockets x mushroom x ham x pea

cocoa powder coated ice-cream w/ almond.

mid day snack

Champion's bar - supper

HKG bistro

crispy chicken w/ curry 

hairspray (left) for €0.95
best hairspray I've ever used. it holds baby hair up almost forever.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Food-to(photo) in milan

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Went to Milan in August and realized majority of their shops were not opened coz it's Ferragosto/ Assumption Day :( 


smoked tuna roe w/ rocket leaves

vongole x prawn pasta

concluded that we should never go to shop which place their menu/ signboard at the traffic junction coz if they are good enough there' no need to do it. the pasta was soft like hokkien mee n'beef that's too done.

at least this was good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mayfield Lavender Farm, London x Jamie Oliver restaurant

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it's been so long since i came back from this trip. 
the lavender has been harvested n'I couldn't remember i have a draft about it until I finish spending endless time tweaking my blog display which obviously didn't have much difference from the previous. 

been so caught up with happenings around me I don't have much time to sit down n'blog about anything. 

here at Westfield having breakfast before heading out to Mayfield Lavender Farm 

blueberry pancakes
sometimes I crave for fried carrot cake n'chwee kueh but when I'm back I'll always opt for pancakes/ waffles for breakfast then tell myself I will not do it again -___-"

chantelle  claire  sylvia  dorothy
can't remember the exact station we alighted at but I remember we took an overground, changed to another line then a cab. returned by taking a bus to another station.

Mayfield Lavender

lavender cupcake x lemonade
nothing beats a cup of ice cold lemonade during summer. that sweet n'slightly sour taste plus the chill... oh so refreshing.

"everybody wants to take a photo with me."

 Jamie Oliver restaurant 

back to Westfield for dinner

rib eye steak