Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Istanbul x

b e s t pattern w/ da'best p e o p l e xx

so glad I got to meet Faiz n'Martin before heading to Istanbul. Had so much laughter. 


 view outside my room 

[blue mosque] 

[Hagia Sophia Museum]

 [frozen] nose

after 3 months I've yet to get a camera for myself.

it was 5C and snowing. was so excited when I caught the first snowflake in my life. secretly went "omg, thank you thank you!" in my mind.

wrapped my ears up with da'scarf (thank you Hany bunny x) coz I didn't have anything to cover my ears. from cold > numb > pain.

 Turkish delight

Turkish cuisine for dinner 

 w/ Faiz

he looks so scary in this photo but I promise he is the funniest person I've worked with so far. Thank you for being so nice Faiz. 

Hydrate hydrate n'hydrate

Hada Labo mask n'evian spray are 2 items I find fantastic for hydration. the air onboard is so dry, I find my skin peeling/ tight afterwards. sprayed my face n'surrounding w/ it to keep the air moist. not as good as a humidifier but certainly better than nothing. my colleagues love it too. for the mask, hydration, for me, lasts for a few days. hope it works for you too. 

pancakes before heading back to SG x

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