Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Johannesburg - Landing Day

uploaded all this photo on that very day but couldn't get any patience to blog with their wifi speed furthermore was given 1 device at a time n'Whatsapp haven't gone online. Oh wells. Shooting with S110 was such a bliss and empowerment, went on auto the whole trip coz i don't understand aperture etc. Just point n'shoot x

"a good camera takes quality images even on auto" - said someone

Ocean Basket  

took a 3 hours nap before joining the set for dinner at the nearest mall. Ocean Basket is Singapore's Fish n'Co but it tasted a lot better. Just before this trip I had the latter for dinner with Boy and family. It was.. well, couldn't have more than 2 fork full. everything went to waste.

R100 = SGD$13.39

chilled bread roll
garlic xo

not sure what was the green thing on the right. heard from the rest it's extremely spicy :s

when aboard, i do things I won't do, eat/ drink things I won't in Singapore. Everything feels foreign n'calories stays in the country more so more assumption. 

doing an overnight flight and landing in morning is not as fun as what people think it is. well worth it with awesome people tho' 

Have a good dinner ;)

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