Friday, March 22, 2013

S.E.A aquarium ><))))*>

received a call from boy in da'morning telling me he got half day off to be with me. what a pleasant surprise,
off we went!

[Seah Im Food Centre]


[[S.E.A aquarium]]

saw the school holiday Q n'decided to book online instantly. online booking's Q was as good as empty. 

15 minutes Q to get in

my happy boy

"this looks like pomfret! we can catch one and steam it. it'll be very fresh :D" - Boy

touched the sea cucumber instead of a starfish coz couldn't beat the crowd. didn't wanna squeeze in.

upside down jellyfish

the whole time I was in the aquarium, i heard visitors discussing how to cook the fish in the tank. i guess this is for lobster bisque.

][ 老香港 ][

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