Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Out Rockin' [D]

the day he enlist i was w/ daphanie n'dawn pleading the facilitator to accept our fyp for whatever reason while boy was on the line telling me he can't talk to me anymore. was so close to crying then. f i n a l l y..  he 

ORD on the last day of May. 

i felt a great sense of relief, more than happiness. restricted time n'the need to report to camp is over. tho' i need to report to work and tune my bio clock to suit my roster, i could feel boy's freedom. 

didn't think i'm an awesome girlfriend till my thena told me something along that line for staying by boy's side during his NS days. all those words, i just wanna say i'm good. thank you x

31st May

headin' out to meet edelyn n'james for todai

caught in the ECP jam

[ favourite highway ] 

1st June// one night in mbs

cheers to good luck,
good night x

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