Tuesday, September 03, 2013

hello my best, Taipei x

a flight to taipei made august beautiful n'fulfilling.
departed for taipei the next day i arrived back from osaka (yummy lunch x lots of collagen).

instead of shilin night market and ximending, we went to Taipei main station before going to Taipei 101 coz it was too warm to enjoy their night market.

purchased a single trip chip for train ride to taipei main station for dinner

must-have beef noodles // shiok

walked a couple of rounds in the mall before i decided to get this full sized swiss roll. too cute to resist n'it taste so good. 

i wanna touch the black cow print // moo moo cake

bought the wrong egg roll for thena, turned out to be nice so it's mine

taipei city hall's mall

exited the mall to join their free shuttle bus queue to 101

up da'escalator for ticketing counter to their observatory

told myself not to fiddle with my phone but there was free wifi at most place n'i had to upload photos on instagram!

hello! Taipei 101, I'm here.

used to like pineapple tart

Level 91 outdoor observatory

lever 91 and a half

lever 91 and a half's view

stayed up too long we got discovered by security who followed us to tick us. opps!

to more awesome trip with probably the best person x

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